What will be in my bag (to Africa)?

  1. Minolta SRT 201 35mm SLR - from my father
  2. Minolta SRT 201 35mm SLR - purchased on ebay with the lens below for $17 (no, really)
  3. Vivitar 1:4.5 80-200mm lens with two filters
  4. Vivtar 650-1300mm Lens (mint!) for $175
  5. Mamiya 7
  6. Mamiya 80mm lens (normal for a 6x7)
  7. Mamiya 43mm lens (wide angle)
  8. Flip Video
  9. Camera phone
  10. A lot of color slide and negative film.

I’ll probably spend $300+ on film and self-developing for a total of ~$500. I looked at renting a nice digital/long lens combination. It was a very nice rig, but it would have been more than three times the expense and I would have had to give it back. Pft!

Sonoma Coast

Testing a new 35mm SLR and two long lenses. Africa preparations.

Lady Sensuality in three frames

LomoKino, expired Konica 160, Arista C-41 - Eric Engelhard

Lady Sensuality - Yashica Mat 124, Portra 160, Arista C-41 - Eric Engelhard

angmodel - Mamiya 7, 43mm, Portra 160, Arista C-41 - Eric Engelhard

California Earthquake

Long, rolling shakes at about 3:20am. It was a 6.0 and the epicenter was 40 miles (64 km) away, just south of Napa.

more film fun in the Central Valley

The big batch of C-41 and E-6 chemistry arrived, so I can get to back to work on the big bag-o-film sitting in my refrigerator… after some more shooting today.

behind the scenes panties check (prettiest ever)

angmodel - Yashica Mat 124, Porta 160, Arist C-41 - Eric Engelhard


Maria, Eugene, Oregon, 2008


© Feliz Paloma González

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I remember this one. Smitten by her look once again.