Lady Sensuality - Mamiya 7, 43mm, Portra 160, Arista C-41 - Eric Engelhard

I just hung out with a billionaire for four hours

He likes peanuts. I feel that I can share this much without violating his privacy.

Owner’s box seats for the Giants vs Phillies game. Long story.

lines on Leah - cell phone - Eric Engelhard

Friday night office security cam flashing.

Leah - Raspberry pi and camera, Raspbian Gnu/Linux, and motion - Eric Engelhard

Cioppino in my belly.


Anastasia Arteyeva

Burke+James Orbit 4x5, Kodak Ektachrome 64T, expired 1997, cross process developing by moi.

Film dreams.

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Annie Sprinkle, (born Ellen F. Steinberg on July 23, 1954) Anatomy of a pin-up photo, 1997

Annie Sprinkle, my high school crush.

model photography fears, the perspectives

model: I am afraid that I am not pretty enough.

me: If I don’t get good photographs of this model, then I am a moron.

I think this is normal to warm up the trust in ourselves during a shoot. From my perspective, I find it endearing that a model would ever think that she is not  beautiful, but I respect the doubt. It is so satisfying when we like our work together and all the fears fade.