So long, friends. I’ll be taking an extended break from photography and tumblr. I will be traveling soon and there will be changes when I return. I am not sure how or if tumblr will be included, but I will leave the “ask” door open if you want to say hello.

This image is the lovely Andrea (angmodel) shot on summer, car-cooked film from that very odd wide-angle, swing-lens camera from Russia. The image makes me happy. I like it as a last post. View it large.

Peace, love, and film,


Lady goes LoMo

Lady Sensuality - Horizon Perfekt, expired Konica 160P, Arista C-41 - Eric Engelhard

Jessi June - Horizon Perfekt, Kodak 100G, Jobo Press Kit - Eric Engelhard

same place, different season, different model

Cyana - Horizon Perfekt, expired Konica 160 Pro, Jobo Press Kit - Eric Engelhard

making a scene

Cyana - Horizon Perfekt, expired Konika 160 Pro, Jobo Press Kit - Eric Engelhard

Truth in De-light - Horizon Perfekt Fomapan, Rodinal - Eric Engelhard

horizon so PERFEKT

Truth in De-light - Horizon Perfekt, Fomapan, Rodinal - Eric Engelhard

Light - Horizon Perfekt, Fomapan 100, Rodinal - Eric Engelhard

broad view

Avelyn Paru - Horizon Perfekt, Konica 160P, Unicolor - Eric Engelhard

father of a slugger

Horizon Perfekt, expired Konica 160 Pro, Unicolor - Eric Engelhard