Model: Lepus

Photo: Gary Breckheimer

Location: NYFC


Tori passed through Davis for dumplings and records.

way back, our first shoot together

Tori - Yashica Mat 124, Kodak Portra 160VC, Tetenal - Eric Engelhard


Some days are just better than others

Photography by Eric Engelhard, all rights reserved

Models: Izi Ricketts and Lepus

Searched my name and found some photos. Many thanks for the credit.

reds, ivories, and blues

Tori - Mamiya, 7, 80mm, Ektar 100, Unicolor - Eric Engelhard


the first photograph I posted on tumblr, almost three years ago

Tori - Cabinet I, Wista 45DX, Scheider 150mm APO Symmar, 4x5 Tri-X Pan expired in 1982, Rodinal - original work by Eric Engelhard


you just shut your mouth

Tori - Yashica Mat 124, Ektar 100, Unicolor - Eric Engelhard


Lady asked her former husband if she could stay in his home until she finds another place to life.  He said sure.  

Only you will be naked at all times in the home unless I give you permission to ware clothes from time to time.  One more thing, when I bring someone home with me and say you are to have sex with them as soon as we arrive you will do it, right?  

To all this she said yes.  Knowing he would make videos her when she is alone and when she is having sex with a man or even a couple she was sure he would bring home to take advantage of her.  

What she did not know is whether he would bring home people they both knew when they were married, someone she knew in high school or college or a total stranger.   But for sure she knew she has been horny ever since their divorce and this is sure to solve at least part if not all of that problem.

WTF? No. This is just a photo I took of Tori. One of the nicest gals that you could ever meet. Too bad asshats like to strip credit, add lame text, and then reblog it as their “creation”. Of course, that isn’t nearly as pathetic as the associated account bio. Get a grip.

Tori - Yashica Mat 124, Kodak Portra 800 , Jobo Press Kit- Eric Engelhard

Tori - Mamiya 7, 80mm, Portra 400, Tetenal - Eric Engelhard